Stream data in real-time via USB

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The CLX000 can be used as a CAN interface to stream data in real-time via USB to your PC.

To stream CAN data via the CLX000, follow the below steps:

  1. Power the CLX000 via the DB9 and verify that it is logging CAN data (red/yellow LED flashing)
  2. Once verified, connect the CLX000 to your PC via USB
  3. Follow the installation/streaming guide for SavvyCAN [recommended][1] or Wireshark


You will not be able to start the streaming if the CLX000 is stuck in auto-detect bit-rate mode. Make sure the device is able to log data before attempting to stream


We recommend using a laptop (disconnected from power) for streaming to avoid differences in ground voltage between the USB and DB9 connection (see the CLX000 Docs for details)

[1]We recently added support for streaming data into SavvyCAN, which we consider superior vs. Wireshark as it’s easier to setup/use and provides more powerful features