Stream data in real-time via USB

The CLX000 can be used as a CAN interface to stream data in real-time via USB to your PC.

To stream CAN data via the CLX000, follow the below steps:

  1. Power the CLX000 via the DB9 and verify that it is logging CAN data (red/yellow LED flashing)
  2. Once verified, connect the CLX000 to your PC via USB
  3. Follow the installation/streaming guide for SavvyCAN or Python


To stream data, you must power the device via the DB9 connector before connecting USB


You cannot stream data if the CLX000 is stuck in auto-detect bit-rate mode (green + yellow LED constant). Make sure the device is able to log data before attempting to stream[1]


We recommend using a laptop (disconnected from power) for streaming to avoid differences in ground voltage between the USB and DB9 connection (see the CLX000 Docs for details)

[1]In use cases where you need to transmit data into a CAN bus where no existing CAN traffic is available, you should set the bit rate manually in the CONFIG.INI file. For example, if you aim to log data from a car, you will often experience that no CAN data is available by default (hence the device is stuck in auto-detect mode) - see our guide on logging OBD2 data for how to log data in such cases.