Configure your device

Configure device

Below we describe how to configure your CLX000:

  1. Use a mini USB adapter to connect the CLX000 to your PC
  2. Verify that the green and red LED light up
  3. Locate the device (it will show up like an SD card)
  4. Open the CONFIG.INI file on the device using a text editor (e.g. Notepad++)
  5. Make a basic change - e.g. change the fileSplitSize value to 10, then save the file
  6. Safely eject the device e.g. by right-clicking the device drive and selecting ‘Eject’

The new Configuration File is loaded by your device the next time it is powered on.

For details on each configuration field, see the CLX000 Docs.


If your Configuration File contains invalid data (or is deleted from the SD), the device will create a default Configuration File to replace it once powered on


While you can modify the log file format (delimiters, fields etc), we recommend keeping the default settings

Update Firmware

In some cases you may want to update the Firmware of the CLX000 device:

  1. First, check your current Firmware by opening a log file and checking the FW rev
  2. Open the CLX000 Docs and follow the firmware update steps (if relevant)