Pulse (1 kHz)

The pulse signals can be output using a range of different frames. Below follows an overview of the frame groups and when each group can be used.


It is generally recommended to use as few frames as possible given the constraints set by the expected count range.


When configured to Reset, only one output message including the specific channel count should be enabled1.

Pulse 8-bit (0-255)

The pulse 8-bit output can be used if the count value is not expected to exceed 255.


This frame is likely only relevant when the pulse output is configured as Reset.

Pulse 16-bit (0-65534)

The pulse 16-bit outputs can be used if the count value is expected to be in range 255 to 65534.

Pulse 32-bit (0-4294967294)

The pulse 32-bit outputs can be used if the count value is expected to exceed 65534.


Enabling all pulse 32-bit outputs with high frequency may exceed the available bus bandwidth.

Pulse 32-bit FD

The pulse 32-bit FD output can be used to output all channel counts with maximum range in one frame.


Requires CAN-FD support


The count is reset when the count value is included in an output message. If included in multiple output messages (potentially with different frequencies), the count value becomes unpredictable.