Mount your S3 server as a local drive

Here we explain how you can mount your S3 server as a local drive. This makes it simple to manage devices, perform OTA updates and process log files - as if your data was stored locally[1].

Mount S3 on Windows (TntDrive)

TntDrive is an S3 client for mounting your S3 bucket as a Windows network drive. You can easily add any S3 compatible server - incl. AWS S3, MinIO S3 etc.

Once mapped, you can manage files as if they were stored locally - e.g. directly opening log files in data processing tools, or referencing the drive in e.g. Python/MATLAB scripts. For details on how to mount an AWS S3 or MinIO S3 server, see the video above.

Other mounting tools for Windows

We generally recommend TntDrive as it’s simple-to-use. However, below are various alternatives:

Mount S3 on Linux (s3fs)

You can also mount your S3 server on Linux. This can be done via a free open source tool, s3fs. Note, however, that the process is a bit more extensive - see our step-by-step guide.

[1]If you’re mounting an S3 cloud server, you will of course still incur costs when processing files via the mounted drive. However, if you enable caching you can save costs when processing files that have been cached due to previous use.