SIM card

To enable 3G/4G data transfer, you’ll need to insert and configure a micro SIM card.

Insert and configure your SIM card

  1. Insert your micro SIM card in the SIM slot on the back (gold plate facing up)[1] (illustration)
  2. Ensure your 3G/4G antenna is properly connected and has clear access to the sky
  3. In your Configuration File, add your PIN and APN (if required)[2] and optionally enable roaming
  4. Once you have added your S3 server details you can test the device connectivity

Note that the CANedge3 is not locked to any SIM provider and supports global 3G/4G frequency bands. However, we always recommend that you test the connectivity prior to deployment.


Incorrect insertion of the SIM card may result in damage to the device[3]

Super SIM card [optional]

The CANedge3 comes with an optional ‘Super SIM’ from KORE.

This global SIM enables quick deployment, multiple benefits and 90% rate discounts (see below).

Setup your account and activate your SIM

Below we outline the steps for setting up a Super SIM the first time[4]:


The 90% discount is available only to company accounts. Make sure to use your company’s billing details when setting up your Twilio/KORE accounts

  1. Review the rates (‘Discounted Rates’ column) for your country to determine viability[5]
  2. Create a Twilio account and log in
  3. Go to Explore Products/Internet of Things and select ‘Create your KORE account’[6]
  4. Create a KORE account (incl. credit card) and verify the setup in Twilio (step-by-step guide)
  5. In Twilio, register your SIM (under Internet of Things in the left menu)
  6. Setup your SIM (note the default data cap[7])
  7. Under Super SIM/SIMs double-check that your SIM is now Active
  8. Copy our test config-01.07.json onto your device SD and power it on for 20 minutes
  9. Login via CANcloud by loading the config-01.07.json and check if your device has connected

Once you’ve verified that your device connects, you can add your own S3 details.

Apply discounts to your account

Important: To apply the discounted rates, you must go through the below steps:

  1. Edit and send this email (with your details) to
  2. Await the discount agreement from KORE (this normally takes 1-2 weeks)[9]
  3. Sign the agreement you’ll receive to unlock the discounted rates[8]


The 90%+ discounted Super SIM rates make it a great option for 0-5 GB/month use cases in most countries. At 5+ GB you may benefit from a SIM provider with flat rate subscriptions


We recommend to only deploy the Super SIM after you unlock the discount (pre-discount rates are >100$/GB). However, you can of course use it for initial light connectivity testing

Removing the 500 MB/SIM/month limit

By default, the Super SIM is limited to 500 MB/SIM/month - however, once you have signed the discount agreement, this limit can be increased in your Super SIM ‘Fleet’ settings. If you remain unable to raise the limit after signing the agreement, please contact us.

[1]You should hear/feel a ‘click’ when the SIM is correctly inserted and it will be fully inside the device. The ‘cut corner’ should be facing the LTE antenna connector. A small tool (e.g. a toothpick) may be required to fully insert/eject the SIM card. If you are in doubt if the SIM is correctly inserted, you can check if the SIM card identifier, ICCID, shows up in the CANedge3 device.json field cellular_iccid after a power cycle with the SIM inserted. We strongly recommend to not use already-ejected nano SIM cards (even via nano-to-micro SIM card adapters) as these may get stuck within the SIM slot holder. This can cause damage to the device, which is not covered by the warranty
[2]You can typically find your APN via an online search or via your SIM provider’s website. For some SIM cards no PIN is required (in this case leave the PIN field blank). Similarly, some SIM cards may work without entering the APN
[3]The SIM slot ejection mechanism and interface may get damaged if a SIM is inserted incorrectly. Ensure that your SIM is inserted as per the instructions. Further, if your micro SIM has an extractable embedded nano SIM, we recommend to use a proper plastic micro SIM card adapter instead. In particular, do not insert a micro SIM in which the embedded nano SIM has been extracted and subsequently manually reinserted. Damage from incorrect SIM insertion is not covered by the warranty.
[4]When you later need to add more Super SIM cards to your account, most steps can of course be skipped
[5]The discounted Super SIM rates reflect an agreement between CSS Electronics and Twilio in which we benefit from ‘volume based’ discounts (reflecting the global volume we sell of the CANedge3). Since we are not looking to manage SIM subscriptions at CSS Electronics, we instead re-direct this discount 100% to our end users - meaning that you benefit from the full discount even if you only have a single Twilio SIM. As with your S3 server, CSS Electronics is not involved in any way. Note that payment to KORE is via credit card (bank transfer is only available for accounts exceeding 5K$/year).
[6]Twilio’s Super SIM has been acquired by KORE Wireless recently. During the transition there will be a need to both create a Twilio and a KORE account.
[7]You can modify the data cap from the start - or later. We recommend to estimate how much data you’ll generate per month after you’ve optimized your file size. We do recommend to have some cap to serve as a budget limit.
[8]The agreement is a short non-binding and non-comitting agreement that needs to be signed to add the discounted rates to your account. If signed before the 14th in a month, the discounts will apply from the 1st of that month. If signed after the 14th, the discounts will apply from the 1st of the next month. The agreement is on an account level, meaning that you only need to perform this step once and you can then register any number of SIMs to your account subsequently
[9]Due to the recent acquisition of the Super SIM by KORE, there may be delays in getting the discount agreement setup. If you experience that it takes more than 2 weeks to get your discount agreement, please let us know.