Record raw data

Below we outline how to record raw data to the device SD card.


Before you connect your device, it is important that you do the following:

  1. Read the introduction and hardware installation guide in the Docs
  2. Verify that the pin-out of your application, adapter cable and CANedge match[1]

Verify that you can log data

  1. Connect & power the CANedge in your application via Channel 1 (green LED lights up)
  2. Verify that the device records data to the SD card (yellow and red LEDs blink)
  3. Disconnect the device, extract the SD and confirm that the LOG/ folder now contains data[2]

If you encounter issues, see our troubleshooting section. For protocol-specific guidance see our OBD2/J1939/UDS sections.


Once you’re done testing, learn how to reduce your log file size (typically by 90%+)

[1]Using an adapter cable with an incorrect pinout may damage the device/application and is not covered by the device warranty. If in doubt, contact us
[2]It is important that you disconnect the device from power before extracting the SD to avoid SD corruption. Similarly, when ejecting the SD card from your PC, you must use ‘safe eject’