Connect to your S3 server via HTTPS

The CANedge2 lets you upload data via HTTP or HTTPS. HTTP is simpler to setup/maintain, but if security is a priority you can use HTTPS data transfer.


HTTPS is an advanced topic. Ensure that your HTTP upload works first and read the S3 security section in the CANedge2 Docs before proceeding. The CANedge2 Docs also describe bundled certificates and over-the-air certificate updates


Make sure to have physical access to your CANedge2 when testing HTTPS. Note also that enabling TLS may reduce your upload speed[1]

Here we provide practical examples of how to enable HTTPS for specific S3 server types.

  1. Cloud server TLS - enable TLS on cloud servers (e.g. AWS)
  2. Self-hosted server TLS - enable TLS on self-hosted servers (e.g. MinIO)

[1]We recommend that you review your upload speed before/after adding TLS. If security is important for your use case, yet you find that your speed with TLS enabled is too low, you can consider encrypting your log files as an alternative