Configure your device

Below we outline how to update your device firmware and configuration.

Check for firmware updates

Before you start, we suggest that you check if a newer firmware exists. You can compare the fw_ver in your device.json file on the SD card vs. the latest firmware in the Docs.

Note: For MAJOR/MINOR updates your Configuration File needs to be updated.

Configure your CANedge

  1. Ensure your device is disconnected from power
  2. Extract the device SD card, insert it into your PC and open the config editor tool
  3. Load your SD card config-XX.YY.json file in the editor via the Configuration File dropdown[1]
  4. Modify your config, press “Review changes” and verify your edits
  5. Download the Configuration File and copy/paste it to your SD card (overwrite the original file)
  6. Safely eject the SD card and re-insert it into your CANedge2

The new Configuration File is now loaded by your device the next time it is powered on.

Online editor Offline editor

For details, see the config editor tools section and the Docs.


An invalid Configuration File will be defaulted by the device upon power up


The UIschema lets you toggle advanced configuration settings on/off (off by default)


With a CANedge2, you can also perform updates over-the-air (see S3 server tools)

[1](1, 2) The Rule Schema (schema-XX.YY.json) determines the structure of the editor, while the Configuration File (config-XX.YY.json) contains your actual configuration. The optional UIschema (uischema-XX.YY.json) determines the styling of the editor (e.g. for toggling advanced settings). For further details on the JSON Schema concept, see the CANedge Docs.