Firmware update

Update procedure

  1. The firmware.bin file is copied to the root of the CONFIG/ volume (refer to Storage volumes).

  2. Safely eject the USB volume(s)

  3. Power down the device

  4. Power up the device via USB and wait a few minutes to let the device complete the update

    1. Power LED will flash 5 times to indicate firmware candidate file found

    2. Power LED will flash 5 times to indicate valid firmware file found

    3. Power LED will flash 5 times to indicate firmware updated successfully

  5. Enter the CONFIG/ volume and delete the firmware.bin file (to avoid repeated updates)

  6. Open the device.json file to verify that the firmware was updated

  7. Migrate the device configuration if the new firmware uses a changed configuration file[1]


It is important that the firmware.bin file is deleted from the device after a successful firmware update to avoid repeated updates.

CANmod.router Firmware Files


# Change Log
All notable changes to CANmod.router firmware will be documented in this file.

Types of changes:
- "Added": New features
- "Changed": Changes to existing functionality
- "Deprecated": Soon-to-be removed features
- "Removed": Removed features
- "Fixed": Bug fixes
- "Known issues": Known issues
- "Warning": Warnings

## [Unreleased]

## [01.01.01] - 2024-05-01

- Initial release