Logging troubleshooting tips

The below steps can be useful in troubleshooting issues with logging data.

Check your basic setup

  1. Check your pinout: Verify that your CANedge, adapter cable and application pinouts match
  2. Check your wiring: Confirm that the CAN L/H wires are both connected
  3. Check your power supply: Verify that you provide a 7-32V power supply to the CH1 connector
  4. Verify that you are connecting to a valid CAN bus - and that it is broadcasting data

Test if the device powers on correctly

  1. Delete the Configuration File from the device SD (this will make the CANedge reset it)
  2. Connect the CANedge to your application and verify that the green LED lights up
  3. If the device does not power on, contact us

Test if data is being recorded

  1. Check if the yellow and red LEDs start flashing - if so, data is being recorded
  2. If the device does not start recording, try using a manual bit rate in the Configuration File

Special cases

  • If logging from new cars, you may be unable to log raw CAN data via the OBD2 connector. In this case, you can try recording OBD2 data instead - see our OBD2 data section
  • In e.g. test setups, you may need to check if the CAN bus system is properly terminated

If you’re still unable to record data, please contact us.