Set up Grafana-Athena

Grafana lets you build custom dashboards to visualize data. In this section we explain how you set up Grafana with Amazon Athena as the data source.

Prerequisites: AWS S3 Parquet data lake + Athena

  1. Set up AWS S3 Parquet data lake [~10 min]
  2. Set up Athena [~5 min]


The above steps are required before proceeding

Set up Grafana and add Athena data source

  1. Make sure you have completed the prerequisites above
  2. Set up a Grafana Cloud starter account (100% free) and login
  3. Go to the Amazon Athena plugin and click ‘Install plugin’
  4. In Grafana go to ‘Connections/Data sources/Add new data source’ and select Athena
  5. Ensure ‘Name’ is Amazon Athena, add the AWS stack ‘Outputs’ 01 to 06 and click ‘Save & test’


The name of the data source must be Amazon Athena for our template dashboards to work

Deploy your first dashboard

  1. Download our athena-dynamic-dashboard template
  2. Go to ‘Dashboards/New/Import’, upload the template and click ‘Load’
  3. Verify that your data is loaded in the dashboard as expected[1]

You are now ready to customize your dashboard.

[1]You may need to change the time period via the upper-right menu to navigate to your data