You can manage your S3 server objects manually via e.g. CANcloud - or programmatically via the S3 API. Below we briefly outline the S3 API use cases and tools.

S3 API use cases

Typical use cases for the S3 API include:

  • Performing batch over-the-air CANedge2 updates (while retaining device specific settings)
  • Auto-processing log files (e.g. via event triggers) - often combined with the log file APIs
  • Extracting relevant parts of e.g. large CSV databases for use in plots, reports etc
  • Auto-updating Configuration Files in response to certain events/patterns
  • Displaying data in e.g. your browser

Tools using the S3 API

  1. CANcloud is based on the Javascript S3 API
  2. Our OTA batch manager lets you batch update devices over-the-air
  3. Our canedge_browser lets you list log files on S3 for selected devices & time periods
  4. Our API examples library on github has multiple examples of using the S3 API