Load raw data

In this section we explain how to load & review your raw MF4 log files.

Load your MF4 log file data

To open a single file, click “File/Open” and browse to your .MF4 log file.


If your data is compressed/encrypted (.MFC/.MFE/.MFM), use mdf2finalized to convert it to .MF4

Analyze your raw data

You can review the loaded MF4 data in the Channels tab. Channel group 0 contains CAN data, while remaining channel groups contain e.g. LIN data, RTR frames, error frames etc.

If you select a channel group and click the plot icon, you can display the data in a tabular form. Here you can quickly filter and analyze your data, both with relative and absolute timestamps.

View CAN/LIN error frames

To view CAN/LIN error frames, click the plot icon and select CAN Trace / LIN Trace to show the regular & special type frames (RTR, error frames) with color coding separating the frame types.

Concatenate multiple log files

You can combine multiple MF4 log files via the Mode/Batch processing tab view. Here, load multiple files (or an entire folder), set the output format to 4.11 and click Concatenate. The new joint file can now be loaded via the Mode/Single files tab.