Create plots

Once you’ve converted your raw MDF4 data, you can start analysing it - e.g. via plots.

Enable sub windows

  1. Go to Settings/ and enable ‘Sub-windows’ and ‘Link sub-windows X-axis’

Plot parameters

  1. From Channels, drag & drop a parameter into the gray area to plot it
  2. Optionally click the “window” icon to minimize the plot and add new signals
  3. Press “Shift + V” to tile the sub-plots vertically (see Plot/ for more options)

Plot GPS position

In asammdf 7.0.1+, you can plot GPS positions as below:

  1. Click the plot icon below the channels/signals
  2. Select GPS, enter the names of the Latitude/Longitude signals and click Apply
  3. Optionally minimize the plot to add other signals in a time-synced grid

General plot tips

  • In the Signals list you can use Ctrl + F to quickly search for signals
  • When selecting a plot signal, click “M” to show a Statistics tab
  • Right click the plot to export it
  • Further, you can click the Plot menu at the top for more options
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used for fast plot navigation
  • Under “Plot/Insert computation” you can create custom calculated charts
  • Show absolute date & time in the plot via Settings/Plot X axis
  • Click the color box next to a parameter to change the plot color
  • Click the “left box” next to signals in a plot to enable a common Y axis