Transfer data

Transfer data via SD card

When you’re ready to process your data, you’ll need to transfer it from the device SD card:

  1. Disconnect the device from power (before extracting the SD card)
  2. Extract the SD card, insert it into your PC and open the LOG/ folder
  3. Transfer the folders/files you wish to process to your PC

Retain ‘Last Modified’ of folders/files

Log files always retain their CAN/LIN frame timestamps - but may loose the Last Modified property if copied incorrectly from the SD, making it difficult to browse the files on your disk.

In most cases, using Ctrl + C retains the Last Modified of the log files (but not session folders).

To copy all session folders/files and retaining Last Modified, open your command prompt in the SD LOG/ folder and enter: robocopy "%cd%" your_path /mir (your_path being your output path).