This page documents the connect configuration.

The connect configuration provides parameters needed to gain network access and communicate with a S3 server.


Make sure that the network allows S3 (e.g. port 9000) and NTP (port 123) traffic.

For a brief explanation on how the devices can access the S3 server through the network, see Network topology.


The device-to-server throughput1 is highly dependent on the device-to-server latency23.

If multiple servers are available (such as regional cloud server endpoints), make sure to select a server with low device-to-server latency.

The connect configuration is split into the following sections.


Configuration of how the CANedge gains network access through WiFi.

For more information on the device WiFi specification, see Connectivity.


Configuration of how the CANedge should communicate with a S3 server.

See the following sections for more information on the S3 interface and how to use it with the CANedge:


The total quantity of data transferred within a unit of time


Time needed for a single packet transfer


This is particularly the case due to the limited resources of the device