CSS Electronics Downloads - Wireshark plugin

Installation guide

  1. Download Wireshark v2.4.X. We recommend v2.4.7 (the plugin is not supported for e.g. v2.6.X+)
  2. When installing Wireshark, make sure to include "Wireshark 1" during setup - this is required for the plugin to work
  3. Download the latest plugin below (v2.4)
  4. Add the relevant .dll file (32bit or 64bit) to your Wireshark plugins folder (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\Wireshark\plugins\2.4.10\')

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List of files (the newest version is marked in blue):


# Change Log

All notable changes to CSS Electronics' CANvas-Wireshark plugin.

## [7.1] - 2017-11-14

### Added
- Fixed issues when loading the plugin on some PCs

## [7.0] - 2017-07-08

### Added
- Support for Wireshark v2.4
- Fixed minor issue where CLX000 log files show up as extended ID despite being standard
- In CAN Live View, the default unique ID length changed from 3 to 0

## [6.1] - 2017-06-07

### Added
- Built-in OBD2 dissector with support for converting all Mode 01 parameters (e.g. Vehicle Speed, RPM, ...) and add output to columns, plots etc.
- Support for DBC database importing to allow live conversion of CAN bus messages (incl. multi-frame)
- Support for the DBC J1939 file special case (to match only on PGN rather than full ID), to allow conversion of J1939 data live
- Support for DBC "Message View" vs. "Signal View" (allowing you to switch between showing one row per Message or one row per Signal in a DBC database)
- CAN Live View, allowing a "fixed view" to show all unique IDs and colorize changes to data bytes 0-7 - useful for CAN bus reverse engineering/sniffing
- Support for loading CLX000 log files directly into Wireshark so the above features can be used on them (e.g. DBC conversion, graphical plots, exporting, ...)