Grafana-InfluxDB dashboards

Process CANedge log files (local/S3) and write the decoded data to an InfluxDB database for visualization in Grafana dashboards. Process data manually, periodically or on log file upload.


We recommend to use the Grafana-Athena dashboard integration for most use cases

  1. Initial setup - setup an InfluxDB database and link it to Grafana
  2. Write data to database - test and deploy Python script to write data to InfluxDB
  3. Build & deploy - build and deploy your Grafana dashboard
  4. Automate script - optionally automate your script execution

Overview of the ‘get started’ setup

The guide will show you how to ‘get started’ using our sample data (left). Once the basics are in place, you can deploy your final setup - e.g. using AWS Lambda automation (right).

Initial sample data deployment

Grafana InfluxDB Dashboard CANedge Get Started

Example of final automated deployment

Automated setup