This page documents the GNSS configuration.

The CANedge1 GNSS includes a combined GNSS1 and IMU2 sensor module. For automotive applications, the device is able to combine GNSS/IMU data with an internal sensor-fusion model for improved navigation performance.

The data generated by the GNSS/IMU module can be accessed via the Internal signals.

The GNSS configuration is split into the following sections.

Satellite system

Some GNSSs have many satellites deployed globally and are capable of providing navigation solutions on their own. Others have fewer satellites that can be used as a supplement. The best possible positioning information is obtained by combining signals from a variety of GNSSs. The device supports the following GNSSs:

  • GPS: Operated by the US department of defense

  • GLONASS: Operated by Russian Federation department of defense

  • Galileo: Operated by the European Union

  • BeiDou: Operated by China

Invalid signals

Configuration on how to handle invalid GNSS outputs.


The GNSS/IMU module uses an internal coordinate system with a default orientation. The physical mounting orientation of the CANedge may not align with the orientation of the application in which it is installed. The alignment configuration can be used to virtually rotate the device. Aligning the device with the application makes it easier to interpret the data generated by the IMU and is required when using sensor-fusion.


The CANedge1 GNSS supports geofencing. By defining a set of geofences, the device automatically calculates if the current position is within one of more fences. The device generates an output signal with the calculated result, see GnssGeofence signals.

Dynamic model

The positioning information can be improved by providing the device information on the application in which it is installed.

Sensor fusion

Sensor-fusion is an advanced feature combining GNSS and IMU data for improved navigation performance - particularly in places with poor GNSS signal conditions.


Sensor-fusion can only be used in automotive applications.


Global Navigation Satellite System


Inertial Measurement Unit