python-can-csscan-mf4 overview

The Python python-can-csscan-mf4 package adds CSS Electronics *.MF4 (and *.MFC, *.MFE, *.MFM) log-file support to python-can.

The python-can library provides CAN-bus support for Python. It comes with a range of tools (similar to Linux can-utils) and provides an easy-to-use API for sending and receiving messages over CAN-buses and for working with CAN-bus log-files.

For more information on python-can, see

The python-can project only implements basic CAN-bus support. Several projects extend this functionality, adding support for e.g. J1939, CANopen, ISO-TP, UDS, XCP, and more. For a list of some extensions, see


The python-can-csscan-mf4 package is installed from PyPi with pip.

$ pip install python-can-csscan-mf4