Storage volumes

The CANmod.temp exposes two small storage volumes via the mass storage device (MSD) component.


Make sure to properly eject the volumes (on Windows right-click drive and select eject), to ensure that the file systems are not corrupted.

DEVICE volume (read-only)

The DEVICE volume holds the Default Configuration File, Schema File, UISchema File and Device File.


The default configuration can be used as starting point for generating the active configuration which is then placed on the CONFIG volume.

Example of DEVICE volume content1
├── config-[MAJOR].[MINOR].json
├── schema-[MAJOR].[MINOR].json
├── uischema-[MAJOR].[MINOR].json
└── device.json

CONFIG volume (read/write)

The CONFIG volume holds the active configuration which is loaded by the device during boot. Additionally, this volume accepts firmware update files.

The content of the volume is persisted across power cycles.

Example of CONFIG volume content1
├── config-[MAJOR].[MINOR].json
└── firmware.bin


If no configuration file is located on the CONFIG volume, the device loads the default configuration.


The [MAJOR].[MINOR] should be substituted by the major and minor version numbers of the active firmware, e.g. 01.04