The CANmod.input is a eight-channel analog, digital, and pulse input module. Each channel can be configured as an analog, digital or pulse input. See the specification for more information on the input channels.

The output signals are transmitted via CAN-bus. The module can be integrated into existing CAN-bus applications to add position information. The CAN-bus ID, ID format and frequency can be configured individually for each output signal. Additionally, the module can be configured in “poll-mode” to only provide data on requests.

For a full list of signals refer to the Signals specification. The signals are also described in a DBC file format.

The module is configured by placing a configuration file on the device via USB.


The CANmod.input can be installed stand-alone in 5 V/12 V/24 V systems or can be used as an extension module with the CANedge series of CAN-bus data loggers.

If used as an CANedge extension module, make sure to enable the CANedge 2nd port 5 V power out and use a fixed bit rate on Channel 2 to match the CANmod.input (default 250k). Also, ensure that the CANmod termination is enabled.


The decoding rules are defined by the provided CANmod.input DBC file