The CANmod.gps is a combined positioning (GNSS) and 3D inertial (IMU) sensor module. The best possible positioning information is obtained by combining signals from a variety of GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou). The IMU provides 3 x acceleration + 3 x gyroscope readings.

For automotive applications, the module supports a sensor-fusion model which uses information from both the GNSS and the IMU to provide improved positioning information - particularly in places with GNSS-denied conditions and outages.

The output signals are transmitted via CAN-bus. The module can be integrated into existing CAN-bus applications to add position information. The CAN-bus ID, ID format and frequency can be configured individually for each output signal. Additionally, the module can be configured in “poll-mode” to only provide data on requests.

For a full list of sections refer to the Signals specification.

The module is configured by placing a configuration file on the device via USB.


The CANmod.gps can be installed stand-alone in 5V/12V/24V systems or can be used as an extension module with the CANedge series of CAN-bus data loggers.