Browser dashboards

Want to deploy free, custom browser dashboards to display data from your CANedge devices?

Here we explain how to auto-process your data, push it to a database and display it in Grafana.

  1. Initial setup - setup an InfluxDB database and link it to Grafana
  2. Write data to database - test and deploy Python script to write data to InfluxDB
  3. Automate script - automate script execution via task scheduler
  4. Build & deploy - build and deploy your Grafana dashboard

Before you start

This guide assumes that you’re familiar with DBC decoding your CAN data. Further, we suggest you first check out the basic Python API data processing examples.


You can test the steps via our J1939 sample data - the basic setup should take ~15-30 min

Overview of the ‘get started’ setup

The below illustrates the setup used in this guide, which is ideal for getting started fast. Many alternative setups are possible, such as self-hosting or using AWS Lambda automation.

Grafana InfluxDB Dashboard CANedge Get Started