Export data

The asammdf GUI lets you easily modify and export your data to other formats.

Example: Exporting to CSV

You can export your raw or physical values to CSV for e.g. analysis in Excel.

The default CSV export settings will create a CSV file for every group of channels:

  • For raw CAN data, you’ll get multiple CSV files (*.ChannelGroup_0 is CAN data)
  • For physical values you’ll get a CSV for every CAN ID, containing the underlying signals

For physical values, you may want to use ‘Single time base’, which combines all signals into a single file. This is achieved by resampling the signals to a common frequency - e.g. 0.5 seconds.


You can enable ‘time as date’ to show the real-time clock date & time

Below is an example of a CSV from a DBC converted J1939 file using “Single time base”:

asammdf tabular display raw CAN bus data