asammdf GUI

The asammdf GUI lets you easily load, review, DBC convert, plot and export your CANedge data.

Simply download and open the tool to use it (no installation required):

Windows (7.0.2) Linux (7.0.2)

You can learn how to use the tool via our quickstart guide:

  1. Load raw data - natively load raw MF4 from the CANedge

  2. DBC decode data - DBC decode data to physical values

  3. Create plots - visualize decoded CAN signals in plots

  4. Export data - export raw/decoded data to CSV, MAT, …

You can also install asammdf as below (reducing the load time for opening the GUI by 80%):

  1. Install Python 3.7 for Windows (64 bit) or Linux (add to PATH)

  2. Open your command prompt and write: pip install asammdf[gui]

  3. Open your start menu, write ‘asammdf’ and open the GUI via the asammdf icon