Process your MDF4 dataΒΆ

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The CANedge logs raw data in the popular MDF4 (.MF4) format - supported by many CAN tools.

In this section we outline some useful tools for processing your raw data:

  1. MDF4 converters - easily convert MDF4 data to other formats (e.g. csv, asc, trc)
  2. asammdf GUI - load, edit, DBC convert and plot your MDF4 data
  3. Python API - automate your data processing at scale
  4. Browser dashboards - visualize your data in customizable browser dashboards

Sample MDF4 data & DBC files

Download raw CANedge MDF4 data and DBC files to test the tools:

Data & DBC samples | OBD2 DBC | J1939 DBC (demo) | J1939 DBC (full)