Device file

A Device File (device.json) is located in the root of the SD-card with info on the device. The content of the Device File is updated when the device powers on.

  "id": "4F07A3C3",
  "type": "0000005F",
  "kpub": "l27UKi4ehjpxxEdmRstBk5UaqSGQYnfylzUNs9EOoJfDodvr/PqNnMrz61IxzrBfFTmuhw2K2cJ4q60iFiYM8w==",
  "fw_ver": "01.01.02",
  "hw_ver": "00.03/00.00",
  "cfg_ver": "01.01",
  "cfg_name": "config-01.01.json",
  "cfg_crc32": "9ECC0C10",
  "sch_name": "schema-01.01.json",
  "log_meta": "Truck1",
  "space_used_mb": "36/7572",
  "sd_info": "000353445341303847801349A26A0153",
  "sd_used_lifespan": "2",
  "gnss_fw_ver": "1.23",
  "wifi_fw_ver": "19.3.0/19.6.1",
  "wifi_mac": "F8-F0-05-94-39-2E",
  "certs_server_sha1": ["5BDA1A96DF69FEB62E2E0A61BD2672C03CAA9473"]

Additional content may be added to the device.json in future firmware updates.

Fields explained


  • id: Device unique ID number

  • type: Device type (CANedge2 GNSS = 0000005F)

  • kpub: Device public key in Base-64 format

  • fw_ver: Firmware version

  • hw_ver: Hardware version

  • cfg_ver: Configuration File version

  • cfg_name: Configuration File name

  • cfg_crc32: Configuration File checksum

  • sch_name: Configuration Rule Schema name

  • log_meta: Configurable device string (e.g. application name)

  • space_used_mb: The SD-card used space of the total in MB ([used]/[total])

  • sd_info: Information about the SD card, including unique serial number in hex

  • sd_used_lifespan: The SD-card self-reported health in percent of lifetime used, or ? if unavailable


  • gnss_fw_ver: GNSS module firmware version


  • wifi_fw_ver: WiFi module firmware version

  • wifi_mac: WiFi module MAC address