The CANedge device uses a JSON file placed on the memory card for configuration.

The JSON format makes it easy to configure the device using custom tools, scripts, JSON editors or plain text editors. The configuration rules (min, max, …) are defined using a JSON Schema, which is also stored on the memory card.

The Rule Schema serves as a guide for populating the Configuration File - and for automatically validating a Configuration File. Both the Configuration File and Rule Schema are automatically generated by the device if either is not found on the memory card.

The raw default Configuration File and Rule Schema are given below:


The default configuration can be restored by deleting the existing Configuration File from the memory card and powering the device


JSON files and JSON Schema rules are supported by most programming/scripting languages, making it easy to automate generation/validation of the device configuration in custom tools


The config and schema are placed in the root of the memory card and named as follows:

  • Configuration File: config-[FIRMWARE_MAJOR].[FIRMWARE_MINOR].json

  • Rule Schema: schema-[FIRMWARE_MAJOR].[FIRMWARE_MINOR].json

With [FIRMWARE_MAJOR] and [FIRMWARE_MINOR] taken from the device firmware version.

The firmware patch number is not included in the file naming as patches are guaranteed not to change the structure of the device configuration. For more information on the firmware versioning system, refer to the Firmware section.

Example: If the firmware version is 01.02.03, then the config and schema files are named config-01.02.json and schema-01.02.json, respectively.