About this manual

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This manual describes the functionality of the CANedge1 GNSS (firmware 01.07.05) with focus on:

  1. Hardware & installation

  2. Configuration

  3. Firmware upgrade

This manual does not provide details on available software/API tools.


Most of the information contained in this manual is found in the configuration sections.

Notation used

The following notation is used throughout this documentation:



Used to highlight supplementary information


Used if incorrect use may result in unexpected behaviour


Used if incorrect use may result in damage to the device or personal injury

Number bases

When relevant, the base of a number is written explicitly as \(x_y\), with \(y\) as the base.

The following number bases are used throughout this documentation:

  • Binary (\(y = 2\)). Example: The binary number \(10101010\) is written as \(10101010_2\)

  • Decimal (\(y = 10\)). Example: The decimal number \(170\) is written as \(170_{10}\)

  • Hexadecimal (\(y = 16\)). Example: The hexadecimal number \(AA\) is written as \(AA_{16}\)

The value of a number is the same regardless of the base (e.g. the values in above examples are equal \(10101010_2 = 170_{10} = AA_{16}\)). However, it is sometimes more convenient to represent the number using a specific base.